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Introducing SZA

SZASZA, real name Solana Rowe, is an American singer songwriter whose music has been described as “hazy” and “twinkling” and generally considered to be alternative R&B with influences from soul, hip hop and ethereal R&B.

Her début album, called ‘Z’, came out in April this year on Top Dawg Entertainment. She is the first female artist signed to TDE and the first singer.

Billie Holiday, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Macy Gray and Wu Tang Clan are all listed as her musical influences and she states that she was heavily influenced by Bjork after dancing to her music with the American Ballet Theatre.

As a teenager she had ambitions to become a scientist so began studying marine biology at college. Fortunately for us, these plans never came to fruition and she focused instead on her music.

Earlier in her career, she received almost as much attention due to her image as her sound. Her very large hair and flowing garments make her stand out from other R&B artists and she has even been known to go on stage wearing pyjamas to allow her voice to flow.

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