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r&b and hip hop artist profiles

Introducing SZA

SZASZA, real name Solana Rowe, is an American singer songwriter whose music has been described as “hazy” and “twinkling” and generally considered to be alternative R&B with influences from soul, hip hop and ethereal R&B.

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Speculation as to WTF Eminem is doing within five miles of a Skylar Grey release

Eminem and Skylar Grey

Sometimes you see a great artist collaborating with a considerably shittier performer, and you’re left wondering what in god’s name they’re thinking. Maybe they’re doing a friend a favour by giving them a leg-up, which I guess is just about fair enough, they’ve earned that right. Or perhaps the record label has been intensely lobbying the star for months and they agree, just to shut them up, and you think well that’s just the nature of the beast. Sometimes you suspect, while hoping that it isn’t the case, but really suspecting it might be, that the artist has lost all perspective of what’s good and what sucks, and this is an indicator of a Sunset Boulevard-style terminal decline in which the past-his-prime artist only comes out of hiding to make a fool of themselves in what seems like so-devilishly-perfect-it-must-be-orchestrated-from-above tittishness, and that is indeed a shame.

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Alicia Keys to cross the picket line and play Israel concert

alicia israelAlicia Keys is at the centre of a spat concerning her upcoming concert in Israel on July 4th. On one side are the artists and campaigners urging her to join an artistic boycott of Israel and cancel her first visit to the country. But equally vociferous are the pro-Israel campaigners urging her to keep her promise and sing in Jerusalem on US Independence Day.

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters is part of the movement calling for all artists, including Alicia Keys, to boycott Israel. Doing so props up the government’s ‘apartheid policies’  and its treatment of Palestinians, which has been widely condemned by human rights campaigners. Previously artists such as Coldplay, Elvis Costello and U2 have cancelled shows in the country under pressure from the Boycott Israel campaign.

But Alicia is standing strong. “Music is a universal language that is meant to unify audiences in peace and love, and that is the spirit of the show,” she said. If Alicia doesn’t back down before the concert, she’ll be joining the likes of Madonna, Bob Dylan and Macy Gray to have played there. Continue reading

Jay-Z News: Foreign Policy and Time Travel

jay 1939Two major items of Jay-Z News this week: first, that he may have become a key player in President Obama’s Latin American policy. And more plausibly, he’s a time-travelling vampire.

The Obama thing is said to concern a recent Jigga Man jaunt to Cuba, with the president being forced to claim publicly he had better things to do than meddle in the rapper’s holiday schedules. Fair point. But then, it turns out the Pres may indeed have played a hand in Jay’s latest holiday, using him as a diplomatic ruse/assassination cover for a CIA plot to take down his old rival Tupac’s auntie.

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Beyonce offers Sneak Peak into new HBO Documentary


“Life Is But A Dream” which premieres Saturday, February 16, at 9 p.m. on HBO, is the latest celebrity documentary to be gracing our screens. Directed and starring Miss B herself, the show promises to  give fans the low down on her music, loves, struggles with fame and of course, the arrival of Blue Ivy. It documents her attempts to hide her baby bump from the paparazzo and how down to earth the self proclaimed diva really is.

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Melanie Fiona shoots video for her single “Wrong Side of a Love Song”


Melanie Fiona has finally shot the music video to accompany her single “Wrong Side of a Love Song” from her sophomore album ‘The MF Life’ which was released in 2012. As one of the most popular songs to her album, this comes as great news to her patient fans.

Larenz Tate from Love Jones is the video’s director and the leading man is played by the gorgeous Omari Hardwick.


John Legend to Produce Semi-Autobiographical Sitcom

The ‘Ordinary People’ singer has completed a deal with the Fox Network for the rights to a new sitcom loosely based on his life.

Legend will also be a producer on the new sitcom, which has yet to have a working title or even a cast, with his own production company Get Lifted Films. The singer-songwriter is already an executive producer on the new NBC show Mixed Blessings, a show about a hip-hop artist whose life is turned around after finding out that he has a secret teenage son.

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Chris Brown Violates Probation?

Chris Brown attended court on Monday after testing positive for marijuana. As part of his probation’s terms Brown is not allowed to use any illicit substances while serving his court-mandated community service for the 2009 beating of his then-girlfriend Rihanna.

During court Brown presented a prescription for marijuana as an excuse for his testing positive. While no charges were brought against the singer for the use of the substance, the judge reminded him that he was “not an average person who can sit in their living room and do what [he] want[s] to do”.

This comes during a dispute about the amount of time served on his community service. Brown’s logs of his community service were described as “somewhat cryptic”, enough to throw the singer’s claims into question.

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