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r&b and hip hop artist profiles

R Kelly Announces US Tour

R Kelly, considered by many to be the King of R&B, has announced he will be going on tour in the US this Autumn. The ‘Single Ladies’ tour will kick off on October 13th in South Carolina, then move throughout the US on 24 dates in 22 states, finishing on December 7th in Indiana.

This announcement comes after a difficult year for the singer, who had to take a hiatus from the stage after undergoing emergency throat surgery for an abscess found on his tonsil. Complications from this surgery prevented the singer from making his promotional appearances scheduled to promote his latest album Write Me Back, released in June.

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Album Review: ORA – Rita Ora

Since its release late last month, Rita Ora’s debut album ‘ORA’ managed to grab a number one chart position in the UK Albums Chart. Not too shabby for the Roc Nation star who, just a few years ago, was auditioning to represent the United Kingdom at Eurovision.

Sadly, it seems that hype and publicity, rather than music, has put paid to her meteoric rise. It’s no secret that after being seen at the Eurovision auditions she was promptly signed by Jay-Z to his Roc Nation label, but since then Miss Ora has done little. Over two years the production company have crafted her into a pop-star behind the scenes, getting songs penned and produced by the best in the business. It’s resulted in great, energetic pop tunes, but sadly not much in the way of any material value.

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What style of music is the most viewed on YouTube?

Since YouTube has become an inevitable element for an artist success, let’s take a look at the most viewed videos on YouTube, to get an idea of what people all over the world listen to…

#1 Justin Bieber – Baby ft. Ludacris

Pop, R&B

More than: 713.100.000 views

Justin Bieber is Number one with his song Baby, but despite being the artist with the most views on YouTube, he seems not appreciated by the public, with over 2,339,889 dislikes and only 1,122,539 likes…

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The History of Madonna

Madonna is one of the few entertainers that you can truly call an icon. Her influence goes beyond music as she has also influenced fashion and even film to some extent. During the 80s, Madonna’s unique style made her a fashion role model for a generation of young girls.

Madonna’s rise to fame started in the early 80s when she released a single “Everybody”. It was a very popular pop song that already established her as an artist even before releasing her debut album. Madonna recorded a series of chart topping albums through the decade. Many of the hits she released had references to her personal life, which was written about my many tabloids and gossip magazines.

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The 10 Top-Earning Female Artists 2011

Earning high amounts of money in entertainment is never an easy task. You don’t just need skills but you really have to learn how to captivate the audience to spend more and demand for your presence. This is the reason why Lady Gaga is the top female entertainment earner of 2011. She reportedly earned $90 million last year according to Forbes, as thousands of people flocked to her concerts to see her perform.

The 2nd top earning female artist of 2011 is Taylor Swift with $45 million. She only made half of Lady Gaga’s earnings which shows the demand and marketability of the pop star.

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Justin Bieber releases Christmas album

Justin Bieber recently released his Christmas album Under the Mistletoe. Although it’s almost traditional for every pop singer to release a Christmas album featuring their interpretation of the classic hits for the holidays, only a handful of artists have gone through this much hoopla. The album came out with much hype, controversy and expectation.

Everyone wants to hear Justin Bieber’s voice for a good reason – he has become a pop icon for the past years because of his young powerful vocals. Now that he’s grown up, everyone wants to know if his voice has broken or gone through any changes.

So are there any changes in Justin Bieber’s voice?

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Frank Ocean, Nostalgia & The future

Frank Ocean is an up and coming RnB and Hip Hop artist currently signed with Def Jam and Odd Future Records. He started his professional music career in 2008 where he worked for “The MIDI Mafia”. During his stint with the well known music producers, Ocean worked with popular singers such as John Legend and Justin Beiber.

His stint with The Midi Mafia helped him reach out to more artists for possible collaborations. He became part of OFWGKTA in 2009 which further improved his reputation in the music industry. It was also in 2009 that Frank Ocean became part of Def Jam Recordings. Ocean was then known as Christopher Breaux (his original name) when he signed for Def Jam Recordings. He opted to change his name to Christopher Francis Ocean in 2010.


After signing up with Def Jam Recordings, Ocean started working with more pop stars such as Beyonce and Nas as well as featuring twice on the new Kanye West and Jayz album. These projects made him even more popular and allowed him to build anticipation for his first mix tape. In February 2011, Ocean released the mix tape “Nostalgia, Ultra” which was well received. Many critics enjoyed the unique beats mixed with familiar concepts in RnB and Hip Hop. Many people have made similarities between himself and Drake when he released the mix tape, So Far Gone. We will have to wait to see whether Ocean will be able to match Drakes success only time will tell.

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Amy Winehouse’s Career

The Late great singer was born in September 1983. From a young age she showed great singing potential and in 2003 released her first album, Frank. The album was nominated for a Mercury Prize and she was praised by many music critics. The singer didn’t hit the mainstream until her second album “Back to Black”. The sophomore album released in 2006 included hits such as “You Know I’m No Good” and “Rehab”. It lead to 5 Grammys, a Brit award for Best British Female Artist and became the third biggest selling album in the UK during the 2000s.

Following the success Amy featured on the track Valerie on Mark Ronson’s album Versions. The song became one of Amy’s most famous hits and reached number 2 in the UK charts. Amy is credited as being an influence in the rise of soul music and some claim she has helped keep British music heard by a worldwide audience. Adele, Duffy and Lady Gaga have also since praised Winehouse for her influence on their careers.

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A Quick Look at Justin Bieber’s Rise to Fame

The rise to fame of Justin Bieber is among the best examples on how social media or online networking plays a role in determining the next future pop culture sensation. The singer was first noticed by Scooter Braun in YouTube and after some negotiations, Braun became Bieber’s manager.

Meeting with Usher

The pivotal moment for Justin Bieber’s career was his meeting with Usher with the help of Scooter Braun. Usher was impressed with Bieber’s voice and they immediately signed him up as an artist under Raymond Braun Media Group – a company owned by Usher and Braun. Under Braun and Usher’s company, Bieber was able to secure a recording contract with Island Records.

From “One Time” to “Never Say Never”

Bieber rise to become a household name started with the single “One Time”. The song immediately became number one in Canada and the song’s popularity eventually spread worldwide. The song “One Time” is the first track of his debut album “My World” which also became very popular and was certified Platinum. The album was released in November 2009.

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Destiny’s Child – The Rise and End of the Powerful Singing Group

Destiny’s Child is a highly successful singing group that sold more than 60 million albums. The group started in 1997 in Texas under the name Girls’ Tyme. Although successful in the underground scene, they never became a mainstream hit until they signed to be part of Columbia Records. The name “Destiny’s Child” was thought up as part of the group’s change of image.

Destiny’s Child was composed of four band members at the start of their career. During the first year there was an internal strife has caused some major changes in the band. Only Beyonce Knowles and Kelly Rowland were able to stay with the band causing a drastic change to the line-up. The first two original members were replaced with Michelle Williams and Farrah Franklin but Franklin also left the group in the year 2000.


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