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Visiting Coco Bongo – Cancun’s Premier Nightclub

Coco Bongo is the most popular nightclub in Cancun – for a good reason. It’s a party place that opens early in the afternoon and ends early at dawn. Coco Bongo is a nightclub with a few twists that will radically change your idea of a nightclub. The club is practically everything a club should be anywhere and more.

For starters, Coco Bongo does not have a formal dance floor. It’s just an open space where you and your friends could dance and have some fun. First time visitors will be surprised of the space of Coco Bongo since it has the capacity to hold at least 3,000 guests in one night. But even with the capacity, the nightclub is still on its capacity every night.



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Top 5 R&B Clubs in Central London

rnbmuseLondon is always a great place to go if you are looking for night entertainment. If you want to party in a club playing R&B and pop hits, you bound to find a club that suits you. The clubs and bars in London often provide the perfect stage for tourists and locals who want to enjoy a night with their friends.

Boutique 60

Friday nights in Boutique 60 always has a line and once inside, the R&B beats don’t seem to end. It could be a bit expensive but that’s expected from a well known bar.

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Best RnB clubs in London

What could be better than spending the night in an amazing RnB night club in London with your friends? With their exciting and unique DJs and a good crowd, what more would you want for a fun night out?

There are a few great RnB clubs in London and if you are in town, you should not miss checking out these great venues and have fun!

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No more parties in Chinawhite

Chinawhite is a venue that even famous celebrities go to. It’s both classy and sassy thanks to its developes, Rory Keegan, Patrice Gouty and John Stephen who are quite the veterans in the entertainment industry. Chinawhite opened in December of 1998, since then its reputation never falters. It’s booming and yet so exclusive. Just look at it and you’ll know why it gained its prestige. The styles in Chinawhite are unprecedented and you just can’t help but wiggle your butt when you step in the Chinawhite club.

Many want to come in and have a party here but only few are privileged to get inside. International celebrities enjoy having their parties here too such as the party girl Linday Lohan as well as Travis McCoy, Rihanna, Adam Sandler, Ice Cube and so much more!

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Into the Hoods is a great night out

If you’re in London you must have seen the posters. They are everywhere. I wondered what Into the Hoods was all about and now I know. The show that has been getting rave reviews for a while now is a fairytale that has been adapted into a hip hop, b-boy dance extravaganza, with the moves inspired from songs by artists such as Missy Eliott, Chaka Khan, Dr. Dre and Dizzee Rascal, although the music throughout ranges from modern to 1970s disco classics. Hip hop and RnB are used to tell the story of the characters, just as you would have in any other musical. Continue reading