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Destiny’s Child will reunite for Superbowl Half Time Show!


Leave it up to Beyoncé to get us Brits tuned into the Superbowl! Us Weekly has recently reported that Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams will be joining Beyonce for a DC reunion at the Super Bowl Halftime Show on the 3rd of February.

And if that has got you all twisted in excitement then their upcoming album Love Songs, released at the end of January, will just send you into a spin. This will be the first album in eight years from the fiery threesome and their fans couldn’t be happier.

While there will only be one new original track on the album, Nuclear, produced by Pharrell Williams, the album is already slated to be a hit on the charts and we’re wondering if a surprise tour isn’t already on the books.

Listen to Nuclear below on the trio’s official Vevo channel!


Beyonce offers Sneak Peak into new HBO Documentary


“Life Is But A Dream” which premieres Saturday, February 16, at 9 p.m. on HBO, is the latest celebrity documentary to be gracing our screens. Directed and starring Miss B herself, the show promises to  give fans the low down on her music, loves, struggles with fame and of course, the arrival of Blue Ivy. It documents her attempts to hide her baby bump from the paparazzo and how down to earth the self proclaimed diva really is.

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Melanie Fiona shoots video for her single “Wrong Side of a Love Song”


Melanie Fiona has finally shot the music video to accompany her single “Wrong Side of a Love Song” from her sophomore album ‘The MF Life’ which was released in 2012. As one of the most popular songs to her album, this comes as great news to her patient fans.

Larenz Tate from Love Jones is the video’s director and the leading man is played by the gorgeous Omari Hardwick.


Album Review: Miguel – Kaleidoscope Dream

The second album from Miguel, Kaleidoscope Dream, represents a massive leap forward for the artist. His previous effort was considered mediocre with potential at best, and panned at worst. Miguel comes straight back at his critics though, offering up an album that shows a huge growth and a firm impression of personality.

Some R&B albums released into the mainstream end up falling by the wayside, repeating the same tricks and sounds over and over again. Kaleidoscope Dream is no such album. Miguel has managed to produce an album that screams with his own personality, his own brand stamped onto each track that makes his sound as distinctive and unmistakable as some of the larger acts and proves just how far this young singer can go.

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Nicki Minaj – Right by my side feat. Chris Brown and Nas

Nicki Minaj has released another video from her Roman Reloaded album. This time she has teamed up with Chris Brown and Nas to tell a love story.
The track is a mixture of rnb and hiphop and is sure to leave viewers wondering if Nas and Nicki are going to be the next celebrity item.

Top Grossing RnB albums of 2011

2011 was a big year for RnB artists as sales rose for many top artists. While pop music is still on top of the charts, RnB music also had a strong following and has also dominated the charts from time to time. The recent popularity of RnB has also been down to the fact that new styles have emerged and pushed the boundary on a traditional RnB beat sounds like.

The following are the top five RnB albums in 2011:

21 by Adele

Adele is unmistakably one of the best RnB artists in modern times with her cool sounding voice that perfectly complements her instrumentals and amazing lyrics. Her sophomore album “21” was purchased more than 3,772,000 times worldwide. Her second album focuses on a more upbeat setting with the same soulful voice.

Christmas by Michael Buble

Second place is actually very surprising considering that it’s only a Christmas album. But Michael Buble was very successful in marketing the album with repacked traditional Christmas songs. More than 1,292,000 copies were sold worldwide and it’s becoming one of the top holiday albums of any year.

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Britney Spears: Femme Fatale Album Review

Britney Spears as a musician is practically unstoppable. Since her early days as a teen pop icon, she continues to amaze her fans around the world. Although there is still ridicule and criticism on her private life, her focus on creating music is back. The latest album isn’t comparable to her early days but her current songs are good enough to attract positive attention.

Her latest album “Britney Spears: Femme Fatale” is another set of songs that deviates from her past trends after her tumultuous personal life. Instead of answering the critics through a song, the songs are now focused on something else. This is actually a welcoming change since not everyone really wants to hear a song as a response to critics.

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Michael Jackson Releases New Album

Michael Jackson may have passed away but he can still find a way to entertain his fans.

A new album was launched on December 14, 2010 simply called “Michael”. The songs in the album were originally recorded in 2007 and were completed after his death. The album features the hit single “Hold My Hand” which is a duet with Akon. It also contains ten tracks produced by different producers that are all recognized in the industry and had worked with the King of Pop beforehand.

Before the “Michael” album, the film “This is It” became a huge hit around the world. The original sound track with the same name as the film sold well online and in record stores. Just like “This is It,” the people behind the album have huge expectations for its success. The cover of the latest album was made by Kadir Nelson. The cover depicts the different events and personalities that made significant impact to the singer’s life.

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Lady GaGa & Beyoncé Video Phone

Lady gaga beyoncèWhat an unexpected couple! After Beyoncé featuring in Lady Gaga’s single Telephone, the two ladies duplicated the experience with the latest video release of Video Phone. The video has the unmistakable touch of famous hip hop and R&B video director Hype Williams and has become a big hit on the web, probably more because of the sexy outfits and choreos of the ladies rather than the song, which in itself seems to have received quite a lukewarm attention.

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