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New Album Release for Alicia Keys: The Element of Freedom

Alicia Keys the Element of FreedomAfter the multi-platinum winner “As I Am”, released in 2007, Alicia Keys is back with a brand new album “The Element of Freedom”. The work will be released on the 11th December in two different versions, a standard one and the deluxe edition containing CD with DVD.

The latest work from the talented New York artist sees some big names of the industry involved. The album is produced by Kerry “Krucial” Brothers, Jeff Bhasker and Swizz Beatz among others and contains two very interesting features by Beyoncè and rapper Drake.

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Speech Debelle’s Speech Therapy

Speech Debelle had released an album entitled Speech Therapy, an album that will speak your language and will go straight to your heart. It includes the song “Finish the Album” which is in fact the oldest song from her tracks. This song is what she used to play when she first visited Big Dada some 5 good years ago. Well, Speech Debelle had been through some tough times in her life and in this particular song has the theme that feels that way: an auto-message to finish the album.

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Mary J Blige to release new album

Mary J. Blige will be releasing another album as a follow up to her album the Growing Pains. She plans to release her next album by autumn this year and rumour has it that she had already picked a title for her latest album. It is believed that she album already and she chose ‘Stronger’ as the title of her  album. Also, the first single she chose for the album is the song entitled ‘One” featuring Drake. The album is another sure hit as Mary J. Blige never fails to make a big impact in the music scene with her great songs.

This autumn is going to be quite busy for her too. It won’t only be the time for her new album’s release but she would also be starring this September for “I can do bad all by myself” by Tyler Perry. Of course she’d also be quite busy with a new single that should be released before the album so indeed we’d be seeing and hearing more about Mary J. Blige in the upcoming months!

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Mariah’s Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel

Mariah Carey will be releasing her 12th album this year “Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel” will be available by August 25, 2009 with “Obsessed” as the debut single from the album which had premiered last June 16, 2009.

The singer and songwriter, The-Dream had helped Mariah Carey with this upcoming album. The single “Obsessed” was co-written by Mariah Carey and The-Dream as well as Tricky Stewart. The music video for “Obsessed” will soon be seen on TV and it was directed by Brett Ratner.

Fans of Mariah Carey had the first-hand news directly from Mariah Carey’s Twitter account about this album and she also announced the title of her 12th album via Twitter. Mariah also added that this latest album is a very personal album that she dedicates to all her fans. She then added another Tweet about her chosen single for the album and said that it is one of her most favorite songs from all the songs she sang.

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And then there was me – Mario’s new album

“And then there was me” is Mario’s fourth album that was said to be released by June of 2009 but didn’t push through as expected. Now the album is set to be released by September of 2009, 3 months later than first planned.

The album’s title was confirmed by Mario himself while chatting to his fans on his official website. The first single for the album is “Break-up” which was written by Sean Garrett. It was first announced that the first single would be “Love” but this was then retracted by the singer himself.

It was in December of 2007 when Mario first confirmed that he started working on his next album which he said would start be recorded by January of 2008. He said that this album, his 4th album, would be his most personal album of his career. He had made several personal songs in this album including “The Hardest Moment” which he said has several lines with different meanings that talk about a relationship as well as moments in a relationship and such.

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Day 26: So Good

The American male group called Day 26 had just released a new song entitled “So Good”. The group is selected by Sean Combs after a reality show in search of a new band at MTV entitled “Making the Band 4”.

The group Day 26 was formed in 2007 and they had released their first album which is self-entitled on March 25 of 2008 where their first single for the album had reached number 1 on the Billboard hit charts.

Their second album is entitled Forever In a Day. Now they had just recently released the So Good song which is a beautiful sweet ballad song and is produced by none other than Brian Coz. It had surfaced on the internet just days ago and it’s getting quite a good reputation.

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Natalie comes to life

Natalie Imbruglia, the singer we loved in the late 90’s and early 2000’s is back with a new album which is entitled Come to Life that is expected to be released by the month of May this year. Fans surely misses her and the beautiful songs she sings with an incredibly talented voice that had been absent for too long. Now she’s finally making a come back!

Coldplay has a bitter reaction to her new album though. Not that they are against her or anything but because they gave her a song which may be entitled “Scars” and they claim it’s the best song they have ever written. It could have been the best Coldplay song, they said, but because they’re no longer in cycle, they can’t sing it anymore. Coldplay said Natalie did a good job with the song and she has a very unique talent and great voice.

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Frankie J’s new album: Time

Frankie J will be releasing his 4th English album this year and it’s entitled Time. Frankie J is a Mexican American singer who makes both English and Spanish songs. He’ve been making several hits since 2003 but it was his album The One that debuted at an amazing #3 slot in the Billboard Album charts for April of 2005. The One reached platinum under RIAA.

Frankie J’s 4th solo album, Time, will have 13 tracks where he also had a duet song with Christina Milian which is entitled The One. He collaborated with other artists as well such as R. Kelly, Pitbull, Baby Bash, Claude Kelly and Paula DeAnda. He sang That’s Wassup with Baby Bash which is his first single from this album and you can already enjoy listening to it on Youtube. It’s a great song with a nice beat and it is getting quite a good impression from fans and critics. His first music video from this album is Pictures which debuted in June of last year.

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Eric Benet – The Hunger

Eric Benet has his way with words that even the most revolting scenes can be turned into lovely melodies that you can sing in exquisite restaurants without having all customers walk out in pure disgust. Yup, that’s Eric Benet. His talent is amazing that after all these years he still makes really beautiful songs although he is an underrated singer.

At age 42, Eric Benet has experienced a lot in his life. He lost his dad, lost his ex-girlfriend who is also the mother of his daughter. Eric also had a divorce with ex-wife Hollywood superstar Halle Berry because of his infidelity. He is a sex-addict and the song “The Hunger” will prove just that. The song is really talking about lovemaking but when you listen to it, it sounds really good but when you read the listen then, oh boy, you’d feel the heat!

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Ciara’s New Single- Never Ever

Ciara‘s new single is entitled “Never, Ever” this month and it was written by Ciara herself and Elvis Williams. The producer for this track is Polow Da Don who was also the producer for Ciara’s popular single “Promise” back in 2006.

Ciara wanted to get the groove on with the music lovers so she could pave the way for her upcoming album which is entitled “Fantasy Ride”. On this song, Ciara also featured Young Jeezy.

Ciara had a single with T-Pain entitled Go-Girl and with her high hopes, unfortunately that single failed to hit the charts. The song did not catch the listener’s attention and didn’t create enough Buzz.

Never, Ever is a song that can get your groove on. Just listen to the beat and you might end up dancing and singing along. Part of the lyrics is just taken from a Classic song that everybody’s for sure familiar with. Unfortunately, this song isn’t really all that good.

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