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The Ultimate R&B Christmas Albums


When you look at a list of the most successful Christmas albums, it’s surprising to see that so many of them are by R&B artists. This isn’t really that surprising when you consider how many R&B artists record Christmas albums. Here are some of the best.

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Kem New Album Release – Promise to Love



Kem is well known for his classy, smooth style and clean lyrics. Unlike other R&B artists, his songs are about love, not sex. This latest album is called Promise to Love. Allmusic state that it is typical of his style with mostly quiet ballads and “silky” nuanced backing music. The only major move away from his usual formula is the inclusion of Snoop Dogg on the track, ‘Downtown’.

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More Surprise RnB Albums May Be On The Horizon


The surprise release of Beyonce’s fifth album in December 2013 caused a real stir in the music world. It was such a raging success that she made history by becoming the first ever woman to hit Number 1 with her first five albums. Selling 465,000 copies in its first week on iTunes, it shattered all of the iTunes records too.

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The Best RnB Albums of 2013

2013 has been a great year for R&B music. We have had Eminem releasing another great album, and a summer of listening to Blurred Lines and wondering what it really was about. Then there is also the secret album released by Beyoncé this year.

rnbmuse31-12-2013 12-56-03

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Vladimir Putin arrives on Soho gay scene


Of all the people to breeze into the Soho gay scene this week, Russian president Vladimir Putin’s arrival was the least expected. But on Tuesday night the homophobic autocrat made a surprise appearance at the G-A-Y nightclub on Old Compton Street, projected on the outside of the club in one of his customary topless poses, in front of a rainbow background, and wearing just a pair of pink hot pants.
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Alicia Keys to cross the picket line and play Israel concert

alicia israelAlicia Keys is at the centre of a spat concerning her upcoming concert in Israel on July 4th. On one side are the artists and campaigners urging her to join an artistic boycott of Israel and cancel her first visit to the country. But equally vociferous are the pro-Israel campaigners urging her to keep her promise and sing in Jerusalem on US Independence Day.

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters is part of the movement calling for all artists, including Alicia Keys, to boycott Israel. Doing so props up the government’s ‘apartheid policies’  and its treatment of Palestinians, which has been widely condemned by human rights campaigners. Previously artists such as Coldplay, Elvis Costello and U2 have cancelled shows in the country under pressure from the Boycott Israel campaign.

But Alicia is standing strong. “Music is a universal language that is meant to unify audiences in peace and love, and that is the spirit of the show,” she said. If Alicia doesn’t back down before the concert, she’ll be joining the likes of Madonna, Bob Dylan and Macy Gray to have played there. Continue reading