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Jay-Z’s new album will have the pretentious title Magna Carta Holy Grail

jayzWe’ve come to expect rappers not exactly getting the notion of understatement, but Jay-Z’s new album title is pretty overblown by anyone’s standards.

Magna Carta Holy Grail puts the rapper’s own name (Carter – yageddit?) in the context of two of civilization’s most important artifacts. It’s the kind of stunning wordplay and disregard for modesty we’ve come to expect from one of rap’s most gifted lyricists. Continue reading

Eminem and Big Sean working on ‘Detroit Classic’

big seanBig Sean says he and Eminem have been making a ‘Detroit classic’ in the studio together. The two rappers have been hanging out inbetween cutting a new track, and hearing Sean talk about it, he comes across as a true Eminem fanboy. But who wouldn’t?

Sean says he grew up listening to his hometown hero, Eminem, and even remembers his mom buying one of his albums for him. So it was super sweet, he says, to be finally in the studio recording with the rap icon. The pair were working on a track which may appear on Eminem’s next album, as it seems too late to drop it into Sean’s next release, Hall of Fame, which is due in June. Continue reading

Billboard Music Awards 2013: All the gossip!

billboardThe Billboard Music Awards is one of the biggest music events in the calendar for performers, producers and anyone involved in the music industry. Drama is always guaranteed, with this year being no exception.

Guests were invited to walk down the ‘blue carpet’ at the start of the show. This was where one of the first spectacles of the night took place. Singer Ke$ha managed to lose her ring after it flew off her hand as she walked down the carpet, after one of the interviewers accidentally hit her in the face. However, we’re pleased to report that she was then reunited with said ring later on, backstage, when Michelle Marie – the one who caused the ring to fly in the first place – handed it back to her. Phew! Continue reading

Jay-Z News: Foreign Policy and Time Travel

jay 1939Two major items of Jay-Z News this week: first, that he may have become a key player in President Obama’s Latin American policy. And more plausibly, he’s a time-travelling vampire.

The Obama thing is said to concern a recent Jigga Man jaunt to Cuba, with the president being forced to claim publicly he had better things to do than meddle in the rapper’s holiday schedules. Fair point. But then, it turns out the Pres may indeed have played a hand in Jay’s latest holiday, using him as a diplomatic ruse/assassination cover for a CIA plot to take down his old rival Tupac’s auntie.

At this point things get complicated, and ridiculous, but also worrying if true. Continue reading

A$AP Rocky is the latest hip-hop star to defend gay rights


A$AP Rocky is the latest star to rub hip-hop’s nose in its own homophobic stench. Speaking to Interview magazine, A$AP not only criticised the rap world’s treatment of gay people, but attempted to drag it into the enlightened age by spreading some long-overdue messages of solidarity. “One big issue in hip-hop is the gay thing,” said A$AP. Continue reading

Jay-Z deemed unsuitable guest for Obama

obamaThe New York Post’s grumpy-old-white-dude in residence, columnist Phil Mushnick, has taken another stab at Jay-Z. After slating Brooklyn’s favourite son for his involvement with the Nets basketball team, the party pooper has now deemed Jay-Z’s relationship with president Barack Obama to be inappropriate.

Taking aim at the world’s most popular rapper in his Prime Time column, the serial grumpster uses the reverse race card to imply that Jay-Z gets off lightly from the press because he’s black. Musnick argues that Jay shouldn’t be hanging around with presidents by making note of the violence in his lyrics – and states that George W. Bush never would have got away with courting such characters. Let us not forget that Bush played host to, and took money from a whole host of crooks and despots – from vile Middle Eastern dictators to the directors of Enron – none of whom were known for making a banging tune between them, let alone 17 Grammy nominations’ worth! Continue reading

Alicia Keys performs Brand New Me on Wendy Williams show

alicia keys

Alicia Keys talked romance on the Wendy Williams show in the US recently. She’s often been forced onto the defensive when justifying her relationship with Swizz Beats, AKA Kasseem David Dean, after gossip hounds claimed they had an affair during his first marriage. But Alicia revealed that she’s still happy with her husband, who she married in 2010, especially after his decision to have a tattoo of Alicia’s face. She described it as ‘pretty’, which isn’t surprising, given the beauty of the thing it’s depicting. Continue reading