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No more parties in Chinawhite

Chinawhite is a venue that even famous celebrities go to. It’s both classy and sassy thanks to its developes, Rory Keegan, Patrice Gouty and John Stephen who are quite the veterans in the entertainment industry. Chinawhite opened in December of 1998, since then its reputation never falters. It’s booming and yet so exclusive. Just look at it and you’ll know why it gained its prestige. The styles in Chinawhite are unprecedented and you just can’t help but wiggle your butt when you step in the Chinawhite club.

Many want to come in and have a party here but only few are privileged to get inside. International celebrities enjoy having their parties here too such as the party girl Linday Lohan as well as Travis McCoy, Rihanna, Adam Sandler, Ice Cube and so much more!

As much as Chinawhite became famous and a must-be place, it had to close down its doors last December 17, 2008. They held a f*ck Rehab party at Chinawhite and invited everyone to come and have fun and dance all night for the last time in Chinawhite. It was indeed an end of an era but everything has to end… and Chinawhite had to bid goodbye. But it’s great that they went out with a bang and everybody had fun at the last party night at Chinawhite.

Chinawhite was in with the in crowd and now that they have closed down their doors, partygoers have a much shorter list of places to go! Without Chinawhite, London just doesn’t feel complete.

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