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Top 5 R&B Clubs in Central London

rnbmuseLondon is always a great place to go if you are looking for night entertainment. If you want to party in a club playing R&B and pop hits, you bound to find a club that suits you. The clubs and bars in London often provide the perfect stage for tourists and locals who want to enjoy a night with their friends.

Boutique 60

Friday nights in Boutique 60 always has a line and once inside, the R&B beats don’t seem to end. It could be a bit expensive but that’s expected from a well known bar.

Club 49

With two separate dance floors, you can always find something you’ll like in Club 49. Each floor has its own DJ so you can transfer to the next floor if you don’t like what you hear. The 2nd floor has a VIP area but drinks are more affordable downstairs.


embassyEmbassy London

One of the busiest clubs in London, Embassy is often the destination for celebrities.  The club is well known for their amazing DJs that carefully mix house and R&B tunes all night. If you don’t mind spending a little extra and want to visit one of the most famous clubs, Embassy should be at the top of your list.


Funky Buddha

The best time of the week to visit Funky Buddha is Saturday. You’ll find yourself mixing with some of the hottest people in London & enjoying the latest R&B beats. The club often features well known DJs to ensure that their music is among the best in London.


The name should give every visitor an idea of the club’s uniqueness. But what’s even more impressive is the interior design, which features bright lights. Definitely a different clubbing experience and gives the club an unusual ambiance compared to its competitors.

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