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Michael Jackson Releases New Album

Michael Jackson may have passed away but he can still find a way to entertain his fans.

A new album was launched on December 14, 2010 simply called “Michael”. The songs in the album were originally recorded in 2007 and were completed after his death. The album features the hit single “Hold My Hand” which is a duet with Akon. It also contains ten tracks produced by different producers that are all recognized in the industry and had worked with the King of Pop beforehand.

Before the “Michael” album, the film “This is It” became a huge hit around the world. The original sound track with the same name as the film sold well online and in record stores. Just like “This is It,” the people behind the album have huge expectations for its success. The cover of the latest album was made by Kadir Nelson. The cover depicts the different events and personalities that made significant impact to the singer’s life.

But before the recent record sales, Michael Jackson went through rough times due to several different lawsuits that almost destroyed his popularity. He died June 25, 2009 in the midst of preparation for his final concert tour.

Michael Jackson started as the lead singer of the Jackson 5 with his 4 brothers. By 1978, he and Quincy Jones teamed up to produce the solo album entitled “Off the Wall”, the album marked the start of the Michael’s solo career. For more than a decade, Michael Jackson released chart topping hits such as Thriller, Beat It, Bad, Man in the Mirror, Human Nature, You are Not Alone and Heal the World. Even without Michael, his music will live on.

2 Responses to Michael Jackson Releases New Album

  • Giovanni Pittenger says:

    Despite the fact Michael wasn’t part of the final production I still love the new album. I am not sure about the new remix album which may or may not work but when it comes down to classic ballads you can’t go wrong with “michael”.

  • Jacob says:

    Michael Jackson was a legend nobody can be compared to this singer. He was the ultimate. I like the way he use to do the moon walk amazing!

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