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Top Grossing RnB albums of 2011

2011 was a big year for RnB artists as sales rose for many top artists. While pop music is still on top of the charts, RnB music also had a strong following and has also dominated the charts from time to time. The recent popularity of RnB has also been down to the fact that new styles have emerged and pushed the boundary on a traditional RnB beat sounds like.

The following are the top five RnB albums in 2011:

21 by Adele

Adele is unmistakably one of the best RnB artists in modern times with her cool sounding voice that perfectly complements her instrumentals and amazing lyrics. Her sophomore album “21” was purchased more than 3,772,000 times worldwide. Her second album focuses on a more upbeat setting with the same soulful voice.

Christmas by Michael Buble

Second place is actually very surprising considering that it’s only a Christmas album. But Michael Buble was very successful in marketing the album with repacked traditional Christmas songs. More than 1,292,000 copies were sold worldwide and it’s becoming one of the top holiday albums of any year.

Doo Woo and Hooligans by Bruno Mars

Only a handful of artists can claim they have become part of the mainstream. Bruno Mars has become part of that small collect, selling 1,214,420 copies worldwide. The album has a strong following because of Bruno’s commercially appealing voice and lyrics.

19 by Adele

Adele’s debut album is also one of the biggest selling albums of last year. The LP sold 1,210,410 copies worldwide and the number continues to rise through the singer’s growing popularity.

Loud by Rihanna

2011 was also kind to Rihanna with “Loud” selling at least 876,000 copies worldwide. The sales show a strong following for the singer even after her personal struggle with a fellow RnB artist.

6 Responses to Top Grossing RnB albums of 2011

  • biancas says:

    I like Adele. I discovered her recently, did not pay attention, I was thinking “just a globulous singer” but then I listened to Someone like You and I really liked her voice and the song.

  • Karl says:

    I am a really big fan since I first heard Adele. I was fascinated by her voice and style and couldn’t wait for the second album. Michael Buble has always been one of my favorites and he is so funny on tour. Definitely two artists the should be seen live on stage.

  • Chris says:

    Great post! I have listened to Adele for a number of years and she keeps getting better and better!

  • Richard Livingstone says:

    Adele seems to have become a hit overnight. Her original album 19 had some great reviews but her recognition at the Grammy’s has cemented her into the public’s list of great musicians. Despite many of her songs being about heart break I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t like her.

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