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Drake presents a star-studded omelette at Toronto OVO Fest


Did Drake just assemble one of the greatest line-ups in the history of music (and cooking) at his annual OVO Fest thing in Toronto? Maybe not, but for an event of its size – a meagre 16,000 people crammed into the cosy Molson Amphitheatre – it was nice.

Drake brought together new and old acts from the worlds of R’n’B and hip hop like a master chef making an omelette with both fresh eggs and those which are long past their sell-by date. But never mind that, did he make it work, jive, flow, jam, juice? YES HE DID!

Some of the chicken periods he threw into the pan included rancid Nineties soul divas TLC, alongside the still-fresh A$AP Rocky, The Weeknd and the man now known as Diddy. But the stars of the show – besides the chicken himself Drake(or duck, surely?!) – were the organiser’s former mentor Lil Wayne and Kanye West.

Perhaps best of all, none of these eggs were even mentioned in the menu beforehand! So each one of their appearances was a total surprise, like when you order a two-egg omelette and you actually end up with a whole farm’s worth of sloppy protein whooping and hollering at you , threatening to make you feel queasy, but lord it tastes so good, even the old ones. Although it’s not as though Drake’s hometown crowd weren’t expecting a few surprises. Previous eggs to have been served up at the OVO city farm include Eminem, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg and Nicki Minaj. Ewwww, stinky!

With all the hometown love gathered around their boy Drake, and his elders paying their respects on stage, there sure was a lot of love in the room. Let’s hope he outdoes himself again at next year’s OVO Fest, and brings some sausages.

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