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Kem New Album Release – Promise to Love



Kem is well known for his classy, smooth style and clean lyrics. Unlike other R&B artists, his songs are about love, not sex. This latest album is called Promise to Love. Allmusic state that it is typical of his style with mostly quiet ballads and “silky” nuanced backing music. The only major move away from his usual formula is the inclusion of Snoop Dogg on the track, ‘Downtown’.

Brent Music Reviews compliment his powerful voice but suggest that he is becoming predictable and that this album is not as good as the 2010 release Intimacy. They state that the firm track on the album, ‘Saving my Love for You’ is a nice calm start that establishes the message of “thoughtfulness and prudence” and their favourite songs are ‘Promise to Love’, ‘Downtown’, ‘Say Something Real’, and ‘Nobody’.

After a difficult early life in Detroit in which Kem battled homelessness, addiction and isolation from his family, he discovered spirituality and this has flavoured his music ever since. After making and funding his first album himself, he was signed to Motown Records in 2001.

This latest album will be his fifth studio release, including a Christmas album.

List of tracks:
1. Saving My Love for You
2. Promise to Love
3. Downtown
4. Beautiful World
5. Do What You Gotta Do
6. Say Something Real
7. My Favorite Thing
8. It’s You
9. The Soft Side of Love
10. Nobody
11. Pray for Me

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