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More Surprise RnB Albums May Be On The Horizon


The surprise release of Beyonce’s fifth album in December 2013 caused a real stir in the music world. It was such a raging success that she made history by becoming the first ever woman to hit Number 1 with her first five albums. Selling 465,000 copies in its first week on iTunes, it shattered all of the iTunes records too.

So it may come as no surprise that other artists will be looking to try and replicate Beyonce’s success. Indeed, it seems Apple is encouraging record labels to push their artists to do just this. With no competition from physical copies sat on shelves, it is easy to see why.

We haven’t seen a flood of surprise releases as yet, with the first artist to go the Beyoncé way being Kid CuDi who released a surprise album this week. Some artists may be hesitant due to not wanting to be seen to be copying Queen B, but at least a steady trickle of surprise releases is probably on its way. If it proves successful enough, this could easily become the new ‘ordinary way’ of releasing your music.

After all, not having physical copies on the shelves is probably not going to be harmful in this day and age, when your music is mainly enjoyed by the younger generations. Besides anything else, there’s a sense of excitement that goes with it: we all like a nice surprise, and discovering one of your favorite artists has released a new album overnight is always going to create a stir.

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