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R Kelly Releases Another 20 Chapters For ‘Trapped in the Closet’

R Kelly’s Hip-Hopera series ‘Trapped in the Closet’ exploded into the media when the first five instalments were released in 2005 on the closing tracks for TP.3 Reloaded. Since then, the series has gone on to widespread infamy. It charts the intertwined lives of several characters and their relationships after a one-night stand.

R Kelly has been looking for investors to help release the newest chapters of Trapped in the Closet since 2011 after writing more than 30 for the series, although there is no information about how many are planned to be released.

IFC, the network that plan to premiere the new instalments, have released a trailer for Chapter 23, which will cover the main developments of the previous 22 in order to bring viewers up to speed. The new series of instalments will launch on November 23rd this year on the IFC Network and and will see the return of several characters from the previous batch, including; Gwendolyn, Big Man, Rufus and Rosie the Nosy Neighbor.

It received acclaim and internet infamy for the almost comedic nature of the entire series, accentuated by R Kelly’s seeming dedication to playing it straight. The first five chapters were included on TP.3 Reloaded, but it wasn’t until later that year, after the songs proved so popular, that Kelly decided to record more chapters. After performing a new chapter at the 2005 MTV VMAs, Jive Records released the Trapped in the Closet DVD, with 7 new chapters. The final ten were released in 2007 with IFC. The entire series, chapters 1 to 22, can be found on The Big Package DVD, which also has a commentary remix providing a glimpse at chapter 23, proving how long these latest releases have been in the works.

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